Peterborough Massage Therapy

Mobile Service

Sarah Kilfoil, Registered Massage Therapist

Appointments: Call Sarah (705) 931-3962.

Direct Client Care

Sarah Kilfoil, RMT, offers massage therapy to clients who are unable to come to her office because they are either:

  • physically limited; or
  • unable to drive in.

Peterborough-Area Residences

Sarah has more than 20 years experience working in direct client care in a variety of settings. She is an expert at dealing with people with a wide range of physical and mental challenges. Her clients may be in:

  • hospitals;
  • assisted living;
  • long-term care;
  • palliative care; or
  • private residences.

Mobile Service: Peterborough city limits only.

AON Inc. ® Seniors' Residences:
Optimal Balance ® books these requests (more info).

Equipment and Supplies

Sarah can bring whatever equipment and supplies is needed. Quite often, it is possible to work on a client while they are on a bed (such as in a hospital setting).

Medical Questionnaire

In some cases, Sarah may need your doctor's permission to work on you. She will ask you a few questions when you call for your appointment to determine if this is the case.

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